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Whether it’s time to simplify your life because the house is too big, you need something bigger because the family is growing, a professional opportunity leads you to move quickly or your real estate portfolio needs to be optimized, we are here to help you achieve the best possible transaction with a minimum of stress.

Reachable at all times

Guidance from the beginning to the end of the transaction

Rigorous follow-up

Get the most out of your transaction

Our main objectivesare to answer you adequately and quickly, to work with and for you, in order to allow you to obtain thebest price and the maximum of benefits from your transaction. Having a pro-clientapproach, it is essential for us that you have all the help and availability that you deserve in our eyes in order to live a pleasant experience, in all confidence and peace of mind. Success for us is defined by your satisfaction.

Our strategy

The market value of a property will always be what buyers are willing to invest to get it. We work on the perception that the buyers will have of your property in order to conclude a beneficial and most pleasant transaction.

Your best ally

We are committed to being your representative, your marketing manager and your broker, our mission is to get the maximum market value for your property. Whether it is by increasing the perceived value (photo, home staging, etc.), by giving buyers confidence during their visits or by appropriate marketing strategies in tune with your objectives.

What we offer to our sellers**

  • An honest and personalized approach, focused on the client and his needs.
  • A service that tends to exceed your expectations.
  • The protection that a real estate broker brings you.
  • Efficient work with collaborating brokers to increase our visibility and efficiency.
  • A network of high-caliber partners.
  • Extensive knowledge of multiple aspects of real estate; legal, financial, construction, maintenance, renovations and the condition of a property.
  • A quality market analysis and evaluation of the selling price of your property, based on the market realities in your area and across the country.
  • Regular updates on the market and your property.
  • Marketing on the most powerful real estate websites: Remax, MLS.ca, Centris.ca, …
  • Marketing on the most powerful social networks: FaceBook, Twitter, Linked in, Google.
  • Showcase your property on my websites and the Real Estate Blog Toit et vous.
  • Visits made by your broker, to ensure the proper marketing of your property and to keep tab of the potential interest of buyers.
  • Open house(s)
  • High quality HDR photos in high resolution.
  • Possibility of 360° Virtual Tour.
  • Guaranteed cancellation of marketing at any time.

**: Some of these aspects may differ, depending on the agreement with the vendor and the availability of the parties.

Our commitment to you

When you hire us to sell your home, you can be confident that we will work forYOUR interests. No need toworry. We have a strongopinion on real estate service: In addition to the many hazards of a real estate transaction, the client should always be at the center of any approach and his trust andpeace of mind should be the priority aspects.

We will help you throughout the process of selling your property. Thanks to our expertise and a network of high-caliber partners, you no longer have to worry about the pitfalls and complexity of your real estate transaction.

Our success is the satisfaction of having met your expectations, quickly, honestly, efficiently and simply. All this at an ideal price that fits your needs and realities.