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Are you disappointed with your RRSP returns? You no longer have confidence in the stability of your investments? Does your pension fund seem to be losing ground instead of gaining it? Doubling your weekly working hours doesn’t seem like a viable solution?

No other investment tool offers as many advantages as real estate.

My experience as a rental property owner, my passion for real estate trends and my knowledge in the evaluation of the profitability of buildings, will allow me to help you navigate through your first investments or even to effectively seek the next acquisitions which will come to enlarge. your real estate portfolio.

Investing in real estate

It is true that real estate, like any other investment field, has its pitfalls, disadvantages and drawbacks. But here are a few reasons why real estate should be part of your wealth-building strategy.

Housing is a primary need, so the real estate market will remain a sector where there will always be demand.

Leverage allows you to acquire assets with little, if any, of your cash. Succeeding in acquiring assets in the order of $ 500,000 with only $ 50,000 in cash. Do you know a lot of investments that allow this?

The real estate market remains relatively stable over time and it is one of the pillars of the economy. He sometimes saw drops but then climbed back up.

Flips are a potential for quick cash gain. They are the best way to make a quick living from real estate. Recall here that trade refers to the purchase of goods and services with the aim of reselling with a profit or a profit.

Real estate investing offers returns on three fronts. The long-term purchase of income properties generates monthly income through rents. Your tenants will repay the mortgage loan linked to the building and the portion of the principal repaid will be larger and larger, so the enrichment will be exponential over time. Finally, your property will increase in value over time. Although rental real estate is a long-term investment, it will allow you to increase your net worth and your cash flow, thus making you richer and achieving the financial independence of your dreams.

It is likely that your retirement funds and RRSPs will not be enough to guarantee you a retirement that meets your expectations. Investing in real estate offers the advantage of being able to enrich you, even on a part-time basis.

It is possible to invest in groups and establish partnerships. In order to take your first steps, to carry out better transactions or even to increase your returns, it is possible to join forces with one or more partner (s) who will come to overcome some of your shortcomings as a real estate owner.

Real estate is exciting! Whether it’s visiting buildings, meeting people, negotiating, solving tenant problems, experiencing extraordinary transactions, building your freedom, being your own boss, following the real estate market and its trends, etc. You will most likely find something that turns you on.

You have great control over your investment. Real estate is an asset, something tangible, over which you have concrete decision-making power. Whether it’s the purchase price, location, management, customer base, rental agreement details and many other aspects.