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Team Emmanuel Paquin
Real Estate Brokers

C 514 757-6268

Team Emmanuel Paquin Real Estate Broker

C 514 757-6268
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Customer oriented.
Results driven.

A dynamic and efficient team that works for your interests, your dreams and your freedom.


Thinking of buying a property? Is this your first purchase or does some change in your life involve a quick move?


The house is too big, the family is growing, a professional opportunity leads you to move or your real estate portfolio needs to be optimized?


No other investment vehicle offers as many advantages as real estate.


In the Greater Montreal area, as everywhere else, to find a property that speaks to you, you need to deal with a real estate broker who knows the different sectors and attractions of the city. This is one of Emmanuel’s strengths. Having worked and lived in many areas of the metropolis and benefiting from a large network of professional contacts established over thirty years, he has repeatedly guided his clients towards the realization of their desires and objectives. Maybe we already have one that you will like, take a look at it.


The reputation of a real estate broker depends greatly on the quality of the service offered to the client. The Emmanuel Paquin team listens to its clients to identify their needs and tastes. Over the years, she has honed her skills to earn that reputation of trust from both buyers and sellers, because she is attentive to her clients’ preferences, and dedicates her expertise to the success of their vision, their dream.


Whether your goals are to lighten your real estate load, find a dream family nest or build real estate to secure your retirement, they should translate into a vision. The Emmanuel Paquin Team will help you structure this vision and the objectives that inspire it by guiding you through the various steps and enlightening you on the critical aspects to consider. A clear and well established vision allows for adequate communication and the achievement of your objectives.

Analysis and strategy

Achieving a vision and reaching your goals are closely linked to a clear strategy based on relevant and up-to-date information. Emmanuel will make sure that you have tangible information from the best sources, analyze it and discuss the different strategies with you in order to establish the one that suits you best.

Because every transaction starts with a relationship.

Whether it is to find the place of your dreams or to take advantage of our professional network to sell your property:



Our “Building Their Future” Program

For each purchase or sale of a property made through us, we commit to donate 1% of our fee, up to a maximum of $300, to the educational institution, youth sports association or scout group of your choice, once the transaction has been notarized and the fee paid to the broker.

*Certain conditions apply

Real estate, for us, is a good old song.



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